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Our Palm Guide to Happy Healthy Plants

  • Product is subject to weather.  Our products are grown in South Florida.  Average lows 65 and average highs 85.  Most of our product does not see below 55 but a few times a year, if that!
  • The palms typically get 3-5 gallons of water a day at nursery. Water, water, water! The palms defoliate.  The lowest leaf is the oldest.  It will turn light green, yellow than brown.  It actually will defoliate itself.
  • Brown tips typically either mean frost/cold burn or wind burn. If they are in windy areas the need to water more and even spray the leaves. They get wind burnt / brown when they get dehydrated. Even if bottom/outside leaves are struggling the heart and green growth spike is the health and future frawns.
  • 20-20-20 helps green
  • 20-10-20 helps new growth
  • Flowers like water but bloom when stressed (limit water)

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