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Lawn Care

Weekly Lawn Service

Gibson Grounds has a professional lawn crew that makes weekly visits to our customers who sign up for our Weekly Lawn Service. During our weekly visits we can handle not only mowing your grass but also weed control, trimming and pruning, clean-up and blow, trash control, edging, and a property check. We have custom packages to select from so every client can pick and choose their perfect lawn service.

Weed Control

At Gibson Grounds we take our weed control seriously. We treat entire lawns and gardens for weeds
including spot treatments. Weeds can easily get out of control. Whether weeds are acting like ground
cover in your grass, growing like trees in your garden or vines invading your house, Gibson Grounds can help remove them safely and provide regular weed control to prevent them from coming back. 


While not all of our products are organic, we do offer an organic option to those clients who prefer to go green (pun intended). Gibson Grounds can provide products with Eco-friendly ingredients that are safe for people and pets. 


Aerating is the process of mechanically placing holes in the soil. This can be very beneficial to your lawn. Aeration will enhance the soil’s water uptake, improve fertilizer uptake and use, reduces water runoff and puddling, creates stronger turf grass roots and reduces soil compaction. 

Over-Seeding & Fertilization

Over-Seeding has numerous benefits that include: Increasing the density of thin lawns; Fills in areas of turf damage by summer stress, disease and insects; Improves appearance; Enhances the lawn’s ability to fight insects and diseases.

Fertilizing is the best way to get bare-footable grass and the least expensive method to keep a yard healthy


Adding Pre-Emergent is time sensitive but if applied at the right time will help control the weeds for the

warm season without killing the grass. Pre-emergent works by killing the weeds in the early stages of
growth, which helps slow down the seemingly never-ending task of weed removal.


Post-Emergent weed killer is applied when you have existing weeds you need to get rid of. As we all know it is impossible to prevent 100% of weeds without destroying all other vegetation. There are different types of post-emergent weed killer and it is important to use the right one and apply correctly. Let Gibson Grounds take care of your weed situation to get your lawn professional results. 

Soil PH Enhancement

Gibson Grounds enhances soil PH by adding Lime to the lawn. Lime helps preserve a lawn’s color and vigor and protects grass from damage from heat, drought and traffic.

Winter Guard

Let Gibson Grounds put down Winter-Guard. It builds strong, deep roots for a fantastic lawn come spring. Winter-Guard is formulated to deliver the nutrients grass needs in the fall to repair damage from the heat, drought and activity of the summer, ensuring a stronger lawn when spring arrives.

Sod Installation

You may think that Sod is the more expensive route to take, but you’d be wrong. There are many
benefits to Sod. The most obvious benefit is, of course, an instant green and healthy lawn. Because Sod is professionally grown it is thick and therefore less susceptible to weeds. Sod is a time saver. While Sod might have a higher up-front price in the long run it is a money saver. The cost of lawn treatments and labor eventually out-pace the price of Sod. 


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