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Lawn Care

What's included?

Weekly Grass Cutting Service

  • Turf Manicure & Mowing

  • Lawn Stripping

  • String Edging

  • Trimming

  • Clean Up

  • Litter Picking

  • Free Property Checks


Weekly Weed Control

Weekly Weed Control will include precision spot spraying during routine lawn care visits in these areas:

  • Flower Beds

  • Driveways

  • Patios

  • Walkways


What's included?

Adding Pre-Emergent is time sensitive but if applied at the right time will help control the weeds for the warm season without killing the grass. Pre-emergent works by killing the weeds in the early stages of growth, which helps slow down the seemingly never-ending task of weed removal.



  • Application to aid in preventing crabgrass & other grassy weeds from germination (Will not eliminate existing crabgrass)


  • Application to aid broadleaf weeds from germinating

  • Includes 25-0-8 fertilizer for a greener lawn

Needs to be applied prior to April to be most effective

March - April


  • Liquid application

  • Kills existing broadleaf & grassy weeds ( crabgrass ) in the lawn

  • Mature weeds may require two applications to be effective

  • Can be applied monthly for maximum protection

  • Great post treatment for pre emergent applications

May - September

Plug Aeration

  • Helps ease compaction of soil

  • Enhanced soil water uptake. Improves fertilizer uptake and use.

  • Enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance.

  • Recommended for over seeding applications

  • Only areas accessible will be aerated

  • Gated areas require a 52" opening to access

September - October


  • Mixture of 3 premium varieties of Turf Type Tall Fescue

  • Improves the lawn appearance.

  • Used to help fight weeds, insects, and disease by thickening the density of thinner lawns

  • Yearly application recommended

  • Overseeding is for areas with existing turf. Non turf areas will need to be seeded

September - October

Starter Fertilizer

  • To be applied with Over-Seeding

  • Enhances crop germination, & growth by placing a rapid supply of nutrients where they are accessible to a seedling

  • Recommended for seeding applications

September - October

Winter Guard

  • Supports root growth over the fall & winter for a better lawn

  • Delivers needed nutrients including iron to the lawn

  • Contains a pre emergent to aid in prevention of winter & early spring weeds

  • Highly recommended for a start on next season


Extra Services

Soil PH Enhancement

Gibson Grounds enhances soil PH by adding Lime to the lawn. Lime helps preserve a lawn’s color and vigor and protects grass from damage from heat, drought and traffic.

October - November

Sod Installation

You may think that Sod is the more expensive route to take, but you’d be wrong. There are many
benefits to Sod. The most obvious benefit is, of course, an instant green and healthy lawn. Because Sod is professionally grown it is thick and therefore less susceptible to weeds. Sod is a time saver. While Sod might have a higher up-front price in the long run it is a money saver. The cost of lawn treatments and labor eventually out-pace the price of Sod. 


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