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This is the stage where you will be handed over to our landscaping designer. We will work closely with you to combine your wants/needs and current landscaping with our designer's creativity and expertise to create a concept plan that works for you! 

After changes are made (if any) to the concept plan, a planting and construction plan will then be drawn up. The plan will detail the quantities and locations of plant species as well as details and images of structures that will be built. Of course we encourage your input here so we can make sure we create the perfect plan for you.


Our pricing team will then price up the design and give you a clear indication of the cost for your landscaping dream! Once confirmed a pre-construction meeting will be arranged to review our plan to complete your project. This is also the stage where we will give you a timeline for the landscaping works.  We are happy to work with all of our clients to budget any project or break them up into phases.


Let the fun begin! Depending on what you decide on for your project, our construction team will put the plan into action. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and watch your landscape be transformed!


After the construction phase is finished we will clean up the site and leave you to enjoy your new landscape! The key to keeping your landscape looking great and being able to enjoy it over all the seasons is maintenance. No garden can take care of itself and they all need regular attention. Once your outdoor space is complete Gibson Grounds is here to keep is looking as good as new so you can always enjoy it! 

Whether you want to sign up to one of our property maintenance plans or you just want periodic maintenance, we are here to help!

Season Clean Ups

  • Spring Cleans
  • Mid Season Cleans
  • Fall Leaf Cleans
  • Recurring Property Maintenance Visits

Bed Edging

  • 2-4" Bed Edging (Standard): Machined bed edging for clean, straight lines
  • 2-4" Bed Edging (Premium): Standard edging with "deep dish look"
  • Aluminum Edging: Black - Brown - Bronze - Silver - Green
  • Paver Edging: Secured in concrete
  • Timber Edging: 4x4 - 6x6 - 1x6


  • Black - Brown - Red
  • Choice of 2" or 3" thick applications
  • Trained and experienced installations 
  • Highest quality mulch shredded straight from raw hardwood material, not yard waist
  • Being a mulch distributor, we provide customers with the lowest prices around
  • Bed stripping and disposal
  • Bed cleans and prep before mulching
  • Mid season mulching

Weed Control

  • Weed pulling
  • Weed pre emergent treatments
  • Organic weed killer applications
  • Commercial grade weed killer applications
  • Weekly weed spot spraying
  • Aquatic weed control
  • Efficient weeding practices

Tree Trimming

  • Limbing up to 20' high
  • Off site disposal
  • Trained knowledgeable staff
  • Removing low hanging limbs
  • Removing dead limbs
  • Shaping trees

Our Guarantee

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